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Blockchain DEFI smart contracts help the insurance industry to create a digital future

For a long time, insurance companies have been investing more in automation to improve efficiency and productivity. Blue Prism and insurance companies in claims settlement, underwriting and customer service
Work together to reduce costs, increase productivity, and reduce average processing time. Many insurance companies today have deployed Blue Prism's interconnected RPA.


Quicker query of claim records and improve payment decisions
• Use connected RPA (Connected-RPA) technology
Technology to improve fraud pattern detection
• Monitor abnormal behaviors in individual claims and identify potential
Fraud and criminal activity


Although the insurance industry has been very passive in terms of investment and innovation for a long time, insurance companies are now changing their faces.
Build a new future by embracing cutting-edge technology and innovating the customer experience.


(Connected-RPA), through the introduction of natural language processing, machine learning, and OCR technologies to increase the benefits of automation and explore more opportunities.


Improve services through deeper data insights
• Improve customer satisfaction through tailor-made services
• Know the customer (KYC) process through automation,
Improve the efficiency of policy approval


The frequent emergence of digital disruptors, price transparency and the continuous evolution of the world pattern, as well as endless customer needs and regulatory policies, are all bringing changes to the entire insurance industry.


Insurance companies use intelligent automation to reshape business models, generate revenue and increase profits, and launch more diversified and personalized products for customers.
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What Our Clients Say

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"(Digital workforce) can shorten the processing time of the (designated beneficiary acceptance process) to less than two minutes
Within, we saved 60-70 hours per week for our team. Not only improved the health of our service team
Productivity and working years... also improve the customer experience, because now they can watch online in real time
Update to the beneficiary of your own insurance."

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