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Alex Young

Project Manager

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Blockchain dividend insurance

Experience decentralized innovation and win-win finance in 5 minutes


Innovative financial win-win insurance based on blockchain + insurance

GBIT win-win insurance is also the world's first 5-minute high-frequency insurance. Based on the blockchain insurance algorithm built at the bottom of the world's mature public chain, it realizes that insurance and claims can reach an unchangeable consensus on the blockchain smart contract block. . Dividends. Decentralized process of claims settlement

Consensus mechanism

Based on the smart contract of the GBIT blockchain, the purchaser's insurance policy is invested, and all holders participate in the consensus encrypted digital currency dividend claim ratio within 5 minutes, and are jointly maintained by multiple parties. Chain storage in chronological order, non- tamperable, permanent record

Claim mechanism

After the dividends are distributed on the GBIT blockchain smart contract block, according to the blockchain smart contract there is no block dividend beneficiary policy holder, the digital currency produced on the block is automatically claimed

Dividend mechanism

It is the weight of all holders of the investment purchaser's insurance policy on the GBIT blockchain smart contract block, the amount of the 5-minute block encrypted digital currency dividend, and the fast random access based on the function through the hash calculation method, which is mapped to a fixed length Hash value, the contract is handed over to the program for automatic execution

computer system

It is the daily insurance purchase and reduction of 0.081/day on the GBIT blockchain smart contract block, and the output encrypted digital currency is claimed to the insured according to the weight

GBIT TOKEN transaction and pricing

Based on the consensus mechanism smart contract, according to the smart transaction contract, a "trust block is established between machines, so as to conduct brand-new transactions and pricing through hash. Mathematical algorithm.. 5 minute

Glass Buildings



"We (Soros Fund Management Family Office) do have some cryptocurrencies, not many, these cryptocurrencies are not as interesting as DeFi and other use cases."

The earliest appearance of the concept of DeFi can be traced back to 2018, but at that time there were relatively few people concerned and there was no social impact. In 2019, DeFi suddenly became popular


At present, the development trajectory of DeFi is expanding horizontally on the balance sheet, but expanding vertically on the interest rate market. In less than a quarter, many bold ideas and predictions are being tested. With the abundance of interest-bearing underlying or synthetic asset classes

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Welcome to  digital insurance agent project
Welcome, GT Insurance Super Digital Partner

We launched the global super node block digital partner.
Everyone is a super node
GT digital insurance products and services enhance customer experience and continue to grow in value,
Join digital wealth to make you worry-free in the future.

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